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Flawless, healthy glow

Natural beauty!!!

Organic Spray Tans

Maintain that flawless, healthy glow all year round with our professionally applied Spray Tans! Spray Tanning offers a safe alternative to traditional UV tanning beds. Euro-Lux Laser Studio provides Calgary with the highest quality solutions from Aviva Labs. All technicians have been professionally trained and will ensure your experience is comfortable.

Because everyone is different, you will find that each application will be customized specifically for your skin tone. We do not believe that one color suits all.

Why choose AVIVA?

AVIVA Labs is the home of many “FIRSTS”in the sunless tanning industry, including the worlds first 30 Minute Wash off Tan™.

AVIVA Labs created the world's mildest, hypoallergenic sunless tanning products that are erythrulose free and made with the highest quality, premium grade DHA (dihydroxyacetone) available.

Solutions come in an assortment of DHA concentrations and colors to suit every skin type for the most natural tan.

Doctor Formulated.
All Natural.
FDA Approved Ingredients.
Not Tested on Animals.
Natural Looking and Long Lasting.

Which formula is right for you?

AVIVA Original Solution

Natural looking colour for individuals with cool to neutral skin tones that have a pinkish or reddish undertone.

AVIVA Gimme Brown Solution

Golden brown tan for individuals with warm skin tones that have an olive or a true brown undertone to their skin.

AVIVA Winter Glow

Lightest formula that delivers a fabulous natural glow. Perfect option for individuals who are very fair and who would enjoy a lighter tan throughout the winter months.

AVIVA Express

World's first rapid spray tan that allows you to shower off after 1 to 4 hrs depending on skin tone.

AVIVA City Tan Collection

The worlds first 30 minute wash off tan is a super express sunless tanning solution allowing you to shower off in as little as 30 minutes depending on skin tone.

Tan extending skincare

Aviva Inspires™ Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliant

Leaves you feeling refreshed and invigorated with the freshest skin you have ever experienced! Fine-grained pecan shells and special cleansers wash away buildup & oils while polishing skin Specifically designed for spray tanning, doesn't leave residual oils on the skin that regular exfoliants do. Extends your spray tan by up to 3 days.

Aviva Inspires™ Skin Glow Light Tan Extender

Extends your dazzling Aviva spray tan by up to 3 days Infused with the same type of high quality DHA as Aviva Labs Natural Spray Tan Solutions. Moisturizes as it rejuvenates your skin.

Aviva Inspires™ Velvet Soft Moisturizing Crème

Extends your dazzling Aviva spray tan by up to 3 days. Leaves your skin feeling smooth, supple, and soft as silk all day long. Designed with your spray tan in mind to extend your wonderful color by up to 3 days.

Aviva Inspires™ Tan Restore Sunless Tanning Gel

Extends your dazzling Aviva spray tan by up to 3 days. Contains concentrated DHA to breathe new life in your tan once it starts to fade. “A must-have product for the travelers who value fashion.” Cosmopolitan Magazine. May also be used as a self-tanner to create a light, natural looking tan. Rejuvenates your skin with antioxidants, Dead Sea mineral salts, Vitamins A and E.

Shower Glow™ DHA-Infused Body Wash

Boosts your tan even while you shower! A carefully measured dose of DHA extends your radiant sunless glow by up to 3 days. Leaves your skin feeling clean, soft and refreshed.

Before your spray tan

1) Exfoliate with Aviva Labs Deep Clean Pecan Shell Exfoliant before your spray tan. Regular exfoliants leave oil or residual ingredients on your skin. They can form a barrier which can actually BLOCK your sunless tan from adhering to your skin. This causes a light, or shorter lasting tan. The Deep Clean Exfoliant, specifically formulated for sunless tanning, ensures a longer lasting, more even fading tan EVERY time.

2) Do not apply any deodorant, moisturizer, lotions/creams or makeup before your spray tan. Any of these products will block the spray tan from making good contact with your skin and result in a lighter tan.

3) Wear dark, loose clothing when you come to your tanning session. The sunless tanning solution is oil-free and will not stain clothes or bed sheets, but it contains bronzers that may temporarily rub off on clothes.

After your spray tan

1) Do not swim or workout for the first 8hrs after the spray tan. This allows the tan to fully develop.

2) When showering after the spray tan, use Shower Glow DHA-Infused body wash daily to prolong the life of your tan. Do not use your regular soap or body wash as they typically lighten the tan results.

3) Moisturize daily with AVIVA Labs Velvet Soft Moisturizing Creme. This keeps your skin soft and pliable so your skin sheds more slowly.

4) Use Skin Glow Tan Extender Moisturizer or Tan Restore Gel to make your tan last up to 3 days longer and fade more evenly. They restore much of the glow and even the tan.

When you look good, you feel good. Book today you deserve it!!!.


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