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Hair Removal

Hair removal that actually works!

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Hair Removal

4-8 sessions
Treatment for all skin tones
Hair removal for all types of hair
Results up to 8 times faster than regular treatments
Two Times more efficient than other IPL or laser machines
Larger treatment surface for faster results, saving time and money

Euro-Lux Laser Studio is committed to providing safe, and affordable hair removal that actually works! Say goodbye to unwanted body hair and hello to smooth skin. Using only the most current, top of the line technology provided by EFB Beaute, the Anthelia® delivers optimal results with minimal discomfort.

A revolutionary technology that ensures safe & effective treatments

Holder of over 15 patents on pulsed light since 1994, EFB Beaute is one of the industry leaders in creating technology that is faster, more reliable and offers a considerably higher performance than the majority of equipment available on the market today.
The polychromatic light does not emit any harmful UV rays, so it is safe for your skin and can be used to treat all skin types/tones.

The Anthelia® is able to ensure not only the lasting photoepilation of black and brown hair, but is also the worldwide holder of the exclusive patent on the epilation of white and blonde hair.

The Next Generation Anthelia® Photolaser allows for the safest and most effective treatments with minimal discomfort.

How it works

Long lasting photoepiliation is achieved through emitting a ray of red light into the skin where it is absorbed by the dark melanin of the hair roots, which then turns into heat. The temperature reached at the root of the hair causes coagulation of germ plasm (bud and stem) thus damaging any hair in the anagen (growth) phase of the hair cycle. Other hairs in the catagen (transition) or telogen (resting) phase continue their growth cycle. 6 to 8 weeks later, these remaining hairs will be in the anagen phase, and can then be treated successfully, which explains why multiple sessions are required.

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