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Spider Vein Removal

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Spider Vein Removal

2-6 sessions
Eliminates couperose
Fades out facial erythrosis
Treats small broken veins

Vascular lesions such as small facial veins and spider veins on the legs can be treated safely and effectively using the advanced technology of EFB Beaute‚Äôs Next Generation Anthelia®. This procedure is non-invasive as no injections are required.

How it works

The main goal of this treatment is to generate specific blood coagulation in the veins less than 1.5mm. The Anthelia® emits a pulse of light that is absorbed by the hemoglobin in the blood, which is then transformed into heat. The heat will cause the blood in the vessel to coagulate, thus destroying the vessel and redirecting the blood flow deeper down into the skin.

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