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Sunspot Removal

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"Fountain Of Youth" Yes you read correct!!!

Your never to old to feel & look Fabulous

Don't hide from Vitamin D

Sunspot (Pigmentation) Removal

3-4 sessions
Erases brown spots, sun spots and port wine stains
Reduces aging affects

Over time, prolonged sun exposure can cause excessive melanin production that leads to the appearance of dark brown sun spots/ age spots on the skin. The Anthelia® can safely and effectively remove these spots quickly, painlessly and with results visible from the first session!

How it works

The Photolaser emits a light beam, which is absorbed by the brown pigment (melanin) of the skin and targets the destruction of melanocytes and keranocytes charged with pigment. The spots will darken and dissipate over a period of 5 to 14 days. Only phototypes from 1 to 4 can be treated.

When you look good, you feel good. Book today you deserve it!!!.


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